An Android Wear music player with built in FTP for easy music transfer

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File Transfer Over WiFi

Skip slow file transfers over bluetooth or Google Play with the built in FTP Server.


Album Art Downloads

NavMusic downloads album art and artist photos for a lovely experience with dynamic colors to match.


Album Art Watch Face

A watch face that adapts to what you are currently listening to.

Leave your phone at home and explore nature with your music
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  • network_wifiHow do I transfer files over WiFi?
    1. Connect your wear device to WiFi. You will need to disable bluetooth on either your paired or wear device for it to stay connected
    2. Open NavMusic's settings by selecting the icon from the navigation drawer
    3. Turn on the switch to enable FTP. If the wear device is connected to a network, the FTP address will display
    4. Open an FTP client on another network device you wish to transfer files from and log in as an anonymous user copy your mp3s or folders to the Music directory.
      • Windows
        1. Open File Explorer
        2. Type the address that appears in the app into the address bar
        3. Press Enter
      • Mac
        1. Open Finder
        2. Select Go > Connect to Server...
        3. Enter the server address in the box provided and click the Connect button
        4. If it asks for a name and password, select the Guest radio button.
        5. A folder with your devices content will appear
      • androidAndroid

        NavExplorer is a free app for transferring files over bluetooth or directly over your local WiFi.

        1. Download NavExplorer from the play store
        2. Make sure the wear app for NavExplorer has an open connection
        3. Start the mobile app
        4. The apps should connect automatically
  • folderHow do I create playlists?

      Nav music does not support creating playlist on the device, but you can use folder view to create a playlist.

    1. Start an FTP connection with the device you use to transfer music.
    2. Create a folder in the Music directory in the root of your device with the name of your playlist. Only folders in the top level of the music folder are visible to the app.
    3. Copy files into the folder in the order you want them to appear in the playlist.
    4. The playlist will now appear under the Folder view in the app.
  • watchHow do I install on Android Wear 1.x?
    1. Download NavMusic from the the Play Store onto your paired Android Device
    2. The wear app will automatically be transfered to your wear device when a connection is available. This may take some time.
  • smartphoneIs there a companion phone app?
    No. NavMusic is designed as a standalone wear app for offline music playback. There are many similar music apps designed for Android phones.
  • androidWhere can I get beta updates?
    To recieve beta updates, become a member of the Beta Community on Google+.
"This app is excellent...The design is beautiful and well thought out. Transferring files using FTP is very fast and is a lot easier than any of the other methods I've come across."
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