A Wear OS music player with built in FTP for easy music transfer

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File Transfer Over WiFi

Skip slow file transfers over bluetooth or Google Play with the built in FTP Server.


Album Art Downloads

NavMusic downloads album art and artist photos for a lovely experience with dynamic colors to match.


Album Art Watch Face

A watch face that adapts to what you are currently listening to.

Leave your phone at home and explore nature with your music
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  • network_wifiHow do I transfer files over WiFi?
    1. Connect your wear device to WiFi. You will need to disable bluetooth on either your paired or wear device for it to stay connected
    2. Open NavMusic's settings by selecting the icon from the navigation drawer
    3. Turn on the switch to enable FTP. If the wear device is connected to a network, the FTP address will display
    4. Open an FTP client on another network device you wish to transfer files from and log in as an anonymous user copy your mp3s or folders to the Music directory.
      • Windows
        1. Open File Explorer
        2. Type the address that appears in the app into the address bar
        3. Press Enter
      • Mac

        Unfortunately, the mac Finder only has read access to the FTP server. You can use the command line or download a third party app such as CyberDuck to connect.

      • androidAndroid

        NavExplorer is a free app for transferring files over bluetooth or directly over your local WiFi.

        1. Download NavExplorer from the play store
        2. Make sure the wear app for NavExplorer has an open connection
        3. Start the mobile app
        4. The apps should connect automatically
  • bluetoothCan I transfer files over bluetooth or another method?

    Nav music currently doesn't support this, but you can use another app NavExplorer to do this.

  • folderHow do I create playlists?

    Long press on a song for more options and select "Add to playlist" or transfer a playlist file such as an m3u.

  • watchHow do I install on Android Wear 1.x?
    1. Download NavMusic from the the Play Store onto your paired Android Device
    2. The wear app will automatically be transfered to your wear device when a connection is available. This may take some time.
  • watchThe app never transfers to my Android Wear 1.x watch.

    I appoligize for the delay, but this is a bug with Google Play. See more here. Please contact Play Store support. In the meantime, here are some troubleshooting steps:

    1. Try rebooting the watch and the phone
    2. Make sure the watch shows Connected in the Android Wear phone app
    3. Select Resync apps in your watch's settings in the Android Wear Phone app
    4. Wait for a day or two. Some users have reported transfers taking this long.

    If it still does not transfer, feel free to contact me with your order number and I will send you the installer and instructions to manually install the app on your watch.

  • monetization_onThe Play Store is asking me to pay again on another device.
    This is a bug with the Play Store. I encourage you to contact them so they can fix the issue for future users, but I would be happy to refund the purchase if the problem continues.
  • smartphoneIs there a companion phone app?
    Yes. There is an app currently in beta for phones but is still in progress. If you have any issues, I'd be happy to hear them, but please don't leave them in reviews as they should be fixed soon.
  • emailHow can I talk to someone?

    You can email me at I'd love to hear from you!

"This app is excellent...The design is beautiful and well thought out. Transferring files using FTP is very fast and is a lot easier than any of the other methods I've come across."
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