NavMusic FAQs

To do this from NavMusic, download and open NavMusic on your phone and click the three dots next to the item you want to transfer, then click "Send to Wear". You can also download NavExplorer if you need to use a different device or prefer to send files directly.
If your watch is still running Android Wear, the app should automatically install after a period of time. If this does not work, please contact Google for support or read the FAQ on how to side-load the app.
Since the Mi Watch does not have the Play Store app, you will need to sideload the Wear OS Apk. Since the watch can not use the same communication message, you will need to use NavExplorer or another file transfer app to transfer your music.
You can get the latest APK for Wear OS by exporting from the phone app.
This is a good guide for side-loading apks to Wear OS. It will be different depending on whether you are using Wear OS or Android Wear.
This is a common bug with Google Play beyond my control. Please contact customer support so that they can help resolve the issue and hopefully fix it in the future.
Please download NavExplorer to browse files on your watch. When you select an audio file, you can choose to open it with NavMusic. It should automatically start. You can then open NavMusic to access the playback controls.
NavMusic can control music playback from a tile. The tile is limited to NavMusic on the watch, but can control all audio apps on your phone. This requires notification access on your phone, and a background service running. How to add tile to watch and toggle between watch and phone controls: How to allow notification access and hide control notification on phone:
Long-press on a song, album, or artist to bring up the options menu. Click add to playlist and create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist.


It is recommended to purchase the app through the play store on your watch, however, if you have a version of Android Wear that does not work with the new app transfer method such as the Sony Smart Watch 3 or a watch that does not include the Play Store you may purchase through PayPal below where you will be re-directed to a confirmation page with the download link.

To download updates for purchase, log in or register with the email associated with the purchase and go to the purchase history page.