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Transfer files over WiFi

NavExplorer lets you transfer files over your WLAN easily without having to type in any commands.


Manage Files

Move or clear up space on you watch using the wear app.


Play or view files from the wear app

Play files with companion apps, NavMusic and NavCasts with the app.

See where your space is going
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  • network_wifiHow do I transfer files over WiFi?
    1. Connect your wear device to WiFi. You will need to disable bluetooth on either your paired or wear device for it to stay connected
    2. Open NavExplorer's connection by either selecting it from the navigation drawer in the wear app or opening the mobile app
    3. If the wear device is connected to a network, the FTP address will display
    4. Open an FTP client on another network device you wish to transfer files from and log in as an anonymous user.
      • Windows
        1. Open File Explorer
        2. Type the address that appears in the app into the address bar
        3. Press Enter
      • Mac

        Unfortunately, the mac Finder only has read access to the FTP server. You can use the command line or download a third party app such as CyberDuck to connect.

      • androidAndroid

        The NavExplorer mobile app will automatically get the information it needs to connect from the wear app. Make sure both devices are connected for this to work.

  • androidWhere can I get beta updates?

    To recieve beta updates, sign up on the play store and become a member of the Beta Community on Google+.

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