A Wear OS Podcast App

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Discover and Subscribe to Podcasts

View the top podcasts or search for your favorites.


Stream or Download Episodes

Easily manage your podcasts from your watch.


Leave Your Phone at Home

Use the Now Playing view to seek through an episode or add episodes to up next.


"This app is great. It lets you pre-download podcast episodes, then queue them up in the order you want for sequential playback with data off. It lets my watch work for an entire run, which it can't do if I'm streaming over LTE. The playback controls are great too, for seeking to the middle of an episode easily."

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  • attach_moneyMy phone or watch is asking me to pay again

    This is a known Google Play issue with Wear OS. Please contact Google Play to report the issue or contact me for a refund.

  • reorderHow do I re-arrange podcasts or Up Next episodes?

    To re-arrange podcasts or Up Next episodes, long press as you would in the Wear OS app launcher and it will be moved to the top of the list.

  • watchHow do I install on Android Wear 1.x?
    1. Download NavCasts from the the Play Store onto your paired Android Device
    2. The wear app will automatically be transfered to your wear device when a connection is available. Please be patient as this can take a day or two.
  • smartphoneIs there a companion phone app?

    The companion phone app can be used as a normal podcast app. Subscriptions made or imported into the phone app will be automatically synced to the paired Wear OS device. This may take some time and require an internet connection.

  • micHow do I sync podcasts from Pocketcasts?

    To export podcasts from Pocketcasts to Android Wear:

    1. Install NavCasts on both your Android Wear device and paired Phone or Tablet
    2. Make sure both devices are connected and have internet access
    3. Open Pocketcasts
    4. Open Settings
    5. Select Import & Export
    6. Select Send email
    7. Select NavCasts
    8. NavCasts will start syncing the podcasts. This may take some time depending on your internet connection.
    9. Restart NavCasts
    10. Episodes may take a while to load. Place on the charger to start sync
  • androidWhere can I get beta updates?

    To recieve beta updates, sign up on the play store and become a member of the Beta Community on Google+.

Download episodes to listen offline
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