Author: joelphilippage

  • Raven – 2007

    Raven – 2007

    Raven is a fantasy adventure game about a Raven who is given human intelligence by the ogeress Eurybia so he can be her spy. He soon realizes that Eurybia is hatching an evil scheme to take over the Land of Hellenas! I really had fun with the art on this game.

  • Lif and The Treasure of The Tanones – 2007

    Lif and The Treasure of The Tanones – 2007

    Lif the lizard has lived by himself in the Barren Desert of the West peacefully for a long time until he starts having trouble with money. He is forced to find some way to get 5,000 dollars by tomorrow. When he hears of the Treasure of the Tanones, he starts off on his adventure to…

  • Tales of Chickenry – 2006

    Tales of Chickenry – 2006

    My very first game about a Knight of Chickenry who sets out to save the princess.