NavCasts FAQs

To download a podcast directly on the watch, Open the episode you wish to download and click the download icon. Click again while downloading to cancel the download.
You can delete an episode on your watch by clicking the filled download button was that indicates it is downloaded. You can also delete all episodes by clicking the trash icon at the top of the downloads list.
To download an episode on your watch from your phone, long-press the download button until a toast message shows up.
Click the plus button to add an episode to the queue. Swipe up on the now-playing screen to view the episodes in the queue. Click an episode in the queue to skip to it. Swipe left to right to remove from the queue.


It is recommended to purchase the app through the play store on your watch, however, if you have a version of Android Wear that does not work with the new app transfer method such as the Sony Smart Watch 3 or a watch that does not include the Play Store you may purchase through PayPal below where you will be re-directed to a confirmation page with the download link.

To download updates for purchase, log in or register with the email associated with the purchase and go to the purchase history page.