Due to a Play Store bug where purchases stopped syncing, I had to move NavMusic to an in-app purchase. If you already purchased when the app was a paid download I will be happy to give you the new version for free. There are two methods to do this. I recommend the first as it is much easier, but if you do not want to pay up-front again, do the second.

Method 1 (Refund)

    Purchase the new in-app license. You will receive an email with your order number from Google Play. enter your order number and email, then click "Request Refund" and I will issue a full refund for your purchase as soon as possible.

    Method 2 (License Code)

      Enter your email and click the "Request License" button and I will get back to you with a code as soon as possible. Once you receive it, follow the steps below.

      How to Use License

      1. Open the Play Store on your phoneimage.png
      2. Open the side menu and select Payment Methodsimage.png
      3. Select Redeem Code                        image.png
      4. Enter or paste your code in the text box. Then click Redeemimage.png
      5. You will get a confirmation dialog showing Full Version (NavMusic). Click Add Itemimage.png
      6. You should then get a confirmation dialog. The full version should be added to your account now.image.png
      7. It is likely the license won't sync immediately to your Wear OS device over Google Play. If it does not, view the section below on Fixing Problems With Item Not Syncing
      If NavMusic is still asking for a purchase, try to go through the purchase process. You may get the following error code: Error Processing Purchase df-pdp-3 If you do, follow these steps:
      1. Open the Settings app on Wear OS
      2. Select Apps & Notifications
      3. Select App info
      4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select System Apps
      5. Select Google Play Store from the list
      6. Click Force stop then Remove Upgrades
      7. Close settings and open the Play Store app
      8. Immediately restart NavMusic and your purchase should be synced.
      9. Feel free to update Google Play again.
      If you are still not able to get the purchase to work, Contact me here: http://turndapage.com/navmusic-support/