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Next to Evil – 2010

Duet is a woman with a strange talent. She is also a member of the most powerful family in the world. When she sees the destruction her family causes to the empire and a strange veiled woman gives her the opportunity to betray them, she must decide if starting a revolution is really what she wants.
  • Indie Games Freeware Game Pick
  • Unique mechanics
I have some expectations in a MAGS game- I expect a short and traditional game. NTE delivers and I didn’t feel disappointed after the ~20 minutes I spend on it. It was like picking up a pleasant “More Of The Same” paperback- presentation is very nice, and the story works out well enough, so well worth a look for anyone who prefers a serious tale to wacky fantasy.


A Woman For All Seasons – 2010

Occlude the wizard comes into existence when lightning strikes marble. His goal is to fight a seasonal curse on a princess. Using his natural magical talent with a wand.
  • Gesture System
  • Full Voice Acting
  • 2nd in the One Room One Week Competition
Lovely little game! Really well done – interesting and neat spell system, sweet fairy tale story, good graphics. And it made me remember the wonderful Loom. Thank you!


Raven – 2007

Raven is a fantasy adventure game about a Raven who is given human intelligence by the ogeress Eurybia so he can be her spy. He soon realizes that Eurybia is hatching an evil scheme to take over the Land of Hellenas! I really had fun with the art on this game.


Lif and The Treasure of The Tanones – 2007

Lif the lizard has lived by himself in the Barren Desert of the West peacefully for a long time until he starts having trouble with money. He is forced to find some way to get 5,000 dollars by tomorrow. When he hears of the Treasure of the Tanones, he starts off on his adventure to find it.
  • Full Soundtrack by Mark Lovegrove
  • Download Here
The Graphics and music are very good… the puzzles are pretty good but some are pretty tricky.


Tales of Chickenry – 2006

My very first game about a Knight of Chickenry who sets out to save the princess.
  • Full Voice Acting
  • Ripped Graphics
  • Clay-mation characters


Games I’ve Worked On

Quasar – 2014

On the spaceship Quasar, the lack of shore time causes tension to run high. The latest argument has proved too much, with each of the crew stalking off to different parts of the ship. To the medical officer, bringing these warring characters back together will be no easy task.
In this short adventure game, you control four different characters as they explore the ship, each with their own skills and reactions to the environment. Instead of on puzzle solving, the game focuses on the personalities of the characters and their interactions. The game is fully voiced.
All speech portraits were painted by me.

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Space Quest II Remake – 2012

Infamous Adventures remake of the classic Space Quest II released in 1987.
I had the pleasure of creating some of the sprite animations

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Battle Story – 2011

A very simple tap and slash 2D RPG. Slay the monsters and save the princess!
Did some game design for this one.

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Quest for Yrolg – 2008

A short adventure game where you play a minion of darkness, using your wit and guile to lead the heroes into traps and to a nasty demise. Runner-up for Screen 7’s Game Of The Year award; includes voice acting in English and Czech.
Did the voice of the sea monster

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Warthogs – 2006

Join Rob Greasley, Calliope DeRanger and Professor Mumblemore in this short Harry Potter parody, loosely based on the greatly admired books by J.K. Rowling. Watch the other characters interact in real time, and spin time back and forth to interfere. The game is fully voiced.
Voiced Rob Greasley

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